Happy Client

September 5, 2016

I have probably shared this experience many times, but it still amazes me that the script remains unchanged even after many, many years.
Tonight was the unveiling of a condo project that I have been working on with a client whose main residence is on the East Coast. And yes there is a spectacular view of both the lights of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean from the high rise condo. We transformed the dated, traditional residence into a very 2015 contemporary look. Think gray wood floors and light gray walls, with white kitchen cabinets, medium gray Radianz counter tops, Italian marble spa bathrooms, soft, filmy sheers covering the floor to ceiling glass exterior wall. Furniture and furnishings are gray and white with accents of sea foam green.
But now to the point of the unveiling. The client arrived – suitcase, purse, briefcase [successful business woman] in hand and her very first words “WOW” this is spectacular, sexy and romantic. As always happens, this is the best part, before she put down her suitcase, purse, briefcase she wandered through the entire space with continuous “WOWS”. I will sleep well tonight knowing that we made another client happy and made us happy TOO for our success.

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