DIY Support

October 20, 2016

DIY [Do It Yourselfers] need our assistance as professional interior designers. So we have created a program that allows DIY individuals to take advantage of our services to create the plans as well as offering proposed designs for their projects. Go to our websites to check out the details of our offer.

Pool tile Inspiration

September 26, 2016


Pool tile Inspiration
I wandered about our very inspirational design quarter today looking for something new and different for pool tile. Of course I went to all my old hunts and some new ones. At Westside Tile I found Mathew daydreaming on a foggy, overcast Monday morning. He brightened up immediately when I told him I needed to find something new and different for a pool tile. We brainstormed and wandered about their wonderful showroom and settled on tiles from Encore Ceramics. Something unique, colorful and inspirational.

Happy Client

September 5, 2016

I have probably shared this experience many times, but it still amazes me that the script remains unchanged even after many, many years.
Tonight was the unveiling of a condo project that I have been working on with a client whose main residence is on the East Coast. And yes there is a spectacular view of both the lights of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean from the high rise condo. We transformed the dated, traditional residence into a very 2015 contemporary look. Think gray wood floors and light gray walls, with white kitchen cabinets, medium gray Radianz counter tops, Italian marble spa bathrooms, soft, filmy sheers covering the floor to ceiling glass exterior wall. Furniture and furnishings are gray and white with accents of sea foam green.
But now to the point of the unveiling. The client arrived – suitcase, purse, briefcase [successful business woman] in hand and her very first words “WOW” this is spectacular, sexy and romantic. As always happens, this is the best part, before she put down her suitcase, purse, briefcase she wandered through the entire space with continuous “WOWS”. I will sleep well tonight knowing that we made another client happy and made us happy TOO for our success.

Something for DIYers!

August 10, 2016

Are you working on an exciting DIY project, but are overwhelmed or unsure of how to properly get started? Whether it be a remodel, flipping a home, space planning or material specification, we can help you with a design process that will make the completion of your project more enjoyable and less stressful. We have a complete design team that is ready, willing and able to assist you, starting with providing you with a series of space plans.
For only $750.00 we will measure a project up to 1500 square feet and produce existing space plans as well as a Proposed Design Space Plan including furniture layout! For the majority of our clients, this tends to spark new ideas and give clarity to the home’s fullest potential. If requested, one revision will be provided so that you may further personalize the design to fit your needs and lifestyle. Working with interior designers have never been more easy and affordable! DIYers walk away with confidence in implementing and completing their new projects every time!
Additional services we provide are elevations completed for $250.00 per room. A project specification book can be prepared for a fee of $150.00 per hour. And of course, we offer complete interior design services.
*Fees for projects that exceed 1500 sq. ft. will be quoted per request.
*Additional revisions may be completed for an additional fee.

Brizo Campaign Gives New Meaning To High-Fashion

July 29, 2016


Brizo does it again and again and again. This is their latest product launch – done in style with elegance. I have used the Brizo designer products in many of my design projects and will continue to do so.
Congratulations Brizo.


Designer Bashing

July 27, 2016

Designer Bashing.
In recent years we have experienced what I consider designer bashing. And it is something, as designers, we need to be aware of, prepared for and know how to deal with on a daily basis. The bashing can take many forms from accusations of incompetence, errors, lack of communication, over-charging and incorrect accounting practices to mention just some of the bashing experiences.

The first thing to deal with is the preventive medicine for this bashing. It is about effectively managing your business and your projects. It is about correct documentation and SIGNATURE approvals on EVERY item and aspect of a design project. With a client’s signature approval you have effectively prevented any form of accusation and thus combating the bashing. Fortunately we have a social media world with e-mail documentation, save them and use them to your advantage. At the same time, remember whatever you put in writing, lasts FOREVER. And finally, be strong and straight forward in your communication. Fortunately, the client is not always right, even though they may think they are since they are writing the checks. Be honest, but do not allow yourself to be bashed just for the sake of keeping a project – we are better than that. If you are professional and conduct your projects and your business with that in mind, you can always combat the designer bashing.
Stand up and be counted, together we can change this unfair aspect of our business which occurs with too much frequency.

Interior Designers: Who Are We?

July 10, 2016

I have been reading a great deal of commentary on the Interior Designer. Who are Interior Designers, what do they do, should we hire one and on and on. It appears that we have become a prime focus and are being scrutinized from many different directions.
I believe this is occurring because we have suddenly become so visible due to what is being observed on television programming. It appears that many cannot discern between the true professional interior designer and the television interior designer star. Television is drama and that is what you see on these programs. Abusive behavior is prominent because it sells to the television audience. Flea market shopping for junk that is then passed off and sold as meaningful antique pieces. It is very unfortunate behavior by a limited number of spotlight seeking individuals passing themselves off as interior designers. As a professional interior designer, each of you should do whatever you can through educating and demonstrating that we are not those who purport that is the norm for our profession. Let’s all stand up and demonstrate the true integrity of our profession. I so look forward to hearing your experiences with this topic.

Inspiring Interior Design Quotes

June 24, 2016

An interior designer’s creativity is stimulated to reality in many ways. “Heightened awareness” is what I find does the most for my own creativity. Also high on the list are the observations and comments by other successful interior designers. My favorite designer is Billy Baldwin and I find myself often going to my well worn copies of his books when I need inspiration. But in my constant quest by consuming every interior design magazine on the market, I find many quotes that are thought provoking, sometimes validating and always inspiring.
Some recent ones:
“During any given decorating commission, a designer can end up wearing a variety of hats: adviser, confident, marriage counselor, if the planets are aligned and the practitioner is especially talented”
“I strive for a place to feel lived in and settled, it shouldn’t look like a decorator just installed it.”
“As in dressing, you want things to feel layered and less than perfect.”
“Art brings a heartbeat to a home like nothing else. It’s so personal and subjective.”
“A room goes through its awkward stage, then its ugly stage, until eventually – hopefully – it gets to its beautiful stage.”
I would love to hear some quotes that inspire you in the same way so please share.

Video: What Paint Colors Are Popular?

June 21, 2016

Paint color is definitely one of my strong suits and I love to have fun with color. I go into more depth about it in this video.

When You Think You Have Seen It All

May 20, 2016

I have always noted that although we think we have experienced everything we thought we could have experienced there is always something new that we had not expected. Recently when we went on an interview for a new project, I was once again surprised. As we were touring the home we finally arrived at the master suite. There was the bedroom, the bathroom, his closet and then we arrived at HER closet.
The closet was moderate in size and limited in its storage spaces. And then we moved through the closet to the patio beyond the closet. In amazement we were introduced to a series of storage units [think auto mechanics big red metal tool storage units] that when opened displayed the most magnificent display of shoes that put Imelda Marcos’s collection to shame. And yes, we will be bringing this incredible collection into the completed design and not on the patio.
Just when you thought you had experienced it all there will be a new challenge for you. Always be open to the challenge and always be ready to be flexible and adjust to the situation at hand. AND be ready for the next challenge which is just around the corner.


December 26, 2015


BRIZO will be launching a new line of plumbing fixtures, ROOK, at the KBIS event in Las Vegas on January 19 – 22, 2015. I have been selected to design the bathroom display at their booth. Stand by for full disclosures of the design and ROOK series.