Designer Bashing

July 27, 2016
Designer Bashing.
In recent years we have experienced what I consider designer bashing. And it is something, as designers, we need to be aware of, prepared for and know how to deal with on a daily basis. The bashing can take many forms from accusations of incompetence, errors, lack of communication, over-charging and incorrect accounting practices to mention just some of the bashing experiences.

The first thing to deal with is the preventive medicine for this bashing. It is about effectively managing your business and your projects. It is about correct documentation and SIGNATURE approvals on EVERY item and aspect of a design project. With a client’s signature approval you have effectively prevented any form of accusation and thus combating the bashing. Fortunately we have a social media world with e-mail documentation, save them and use them to your advantage. At the same time, remember whatever you put in writing, lasts FOREVER. And finally, be strong and straight forward in your communication. Fortunately, the client is not always right, even though they may think they are since they are writing the checks. Be honest, but do not allow yourself to be bashed just for the sake of keeping a project – we are better than that. If you are professional and conduct your projects and your business with that in mind, you can always combat the designer bashing.
Stand up and be counted, together we can change this unfair aspect of our business which occurs with too much frequency.

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