Interior Designers: Who Are We?

July 10, 2016

I have been reading a great deal of commentary on the Interior Designer. Who are Interior Designers, what do they do, should we hire one and on and on. It appears that we have become a prime focus and are being scrutinized from many different directions.
I believe this is occurring because we have suddenly become so visible due to what is being observed on television programming. It appears that many cannot discern between the true professional interior designer and the television interior designer star. Television is drama and that is what you see on these programs. Abusive behavior is prominent because it sells to the television audience. Flea market shopping for junk that is then passed off and sold as meaningful antique pieces. It is very unfortunate behavior by a limited number of spotlight seeking individuals passing themselves off as interior designers. As a professional interior designer, each of you should do whatever you can through educating and demonstrating that we are not those who purport that is the norm for our profession. Let’s all stand up and demonstrate the true integrity of our profession. I so look forward to hearing your experiences with this topic.

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