Inspiring Interior Design Quotes

June 24, 2016

An interior designer’s creativity is stimulated to reality in many ways. “Heightened awareness” is what I find does the most for my own creativity. Also high on the list are the observations and comments by other successful interior designers. My favorite designer is Billy Baldwin and I find myself often going to my well worn copies of his books when I need inspiration. But in my constant quest by consuming every interior design magazine on the market, I find many quotes that are thought provoking, sometimes validating and always inspiring.
Some recent ones:
“During any given decorating commission, a designer can end up wearing a variety of hats: adviser, confident, marriage counselor, if the planets are aligned and the practitioner is especially talented”
“I strive for a place to feel lived in and settled, it shouldn’t look like a decorator just installed it.”
“As in dressing, you want things to feel layered and less than perfect.”
“Art brings a heartbeat to a home like nothing else. It’s so personal and subjective.”
“A room goes through its awkward stage, then its ugly stage, until eventually – hopefully – it gets to its beautiful stage.”
I would love to hear some quotes that inspire you in the same way so please share.

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