When You Think You Have Seen It All

May 20, 2016

I have always noted that although we think we have experienced everything we thought we could have experienced there is always something new that we had not expected. Recently when we went on an interview for a new project, I was once again surprised. As we were touring the home we finally arrived at the master suite. There was the bedroom, the bathroom, his closet and then we arrived at HER closet.
The closet was moderate in size and limited in its storage spaces. And then we moved through the closet to the patio beyond the closet. In amazement we were introduced to a series of storage units [think auto mechanics big red metal tool storage units] that when opened displayed the most magnificent display of shoes that put Imelda Marcos’s collection to shame. And yes, we will be bringing this incredible collection into the completed design and not on the patio.
Just when you thought you had experienced it all there will be a new challenge for you. Always be open to the challenge and always be ready to be flexible and adjust to the situation at hand. AND be ready for the next challenge which is just around the corner.

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